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HVAC System Expertise in Industrial Projects Spanning the Globe

Olympic Industrial delivers HVAC equipment solutions to engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) firms as well as end users and mechanical contractors.

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Taking a consultative approach to industrial HVAC projects

Drawing on a wealth of industrial experience–including knowledge of the oil sands, mining and forest industries–our commitment begins by thoroughly understanding the unique applications, protocols and processes of the sector. We ensure customer satisfaction through delivery, installation and start-up of equipment.

Successful project completions in North and South America, and Asia

Our HVAC equipment recommendations met the unique operational requirements in the first diamond mine in Northwest Territories, Canada.

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Olympic International Industrial services include:

Engineering and Design of HVAC Solutions

Engineering and design of HVAC solutions in industrial settings, including severe duty and classified environments.

Heavy-duty and Specialized HVAC Equipment

Full range of heavy-duty and specialized HVAC equipment, including ventilation, gas phase filtration, heat recovery, material handling and dust control.

Expertise with Industrial Protocols

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